Since 1988, Pennsylvania Regional Ballet formerly Cumberland Dance Company has been recognized, in the community and Northeast region, as a leader in the training of aspiring dancers, teachers, and choreographers.


Our Mission

Located across the river from downtown Harrisburg, the school’s progressive curriculum and diverse repertoire provide professional training in classical ballet, modern, tap and jazz relative to musical theatre, and contemporary ballet style, introduced through the company’s repertoire. International master teachers and choreographers are retained throughout the dancer’s training, offering valuable information and experiences to the student’s education.

The school and pre-professional company’s success has been through its commitment to provide professional dance training, nurture individual artistic quality and versatility, along with the faculty’s dedication to the emotional and physical well-being of the students.

The quality of Pennsylvania Regional Ballet’s programs is reflected in the accomplishments of its graduates. Our alumni are currently attending prestigious university dance programs, performing with professional companies, choreographing, teaching and serving as artistic directors.

The commitment of Pennsylvania Regional Ballet’s faculty and board of directors is to provide a center for professional training, guidance and education in classical ballet to its students, the community and the Central Pennsylvania region.

What We've Achieved

  • We’ve prepared numerous dancers for professional companies and competitive collegiate programs.

  • Member Regional Dance America/Northeast since 1988; Honors Company, Regional Dance America since 1998.

  • Scholarships have been awarded to our dancers at Regional Dance America Festivals; our selected choreographers have been awarded National Choreographic, Project Tier, Emerging, and Monticello Awards.

  • Resident Ballet Company of the Ned Smith Center for Nature & the Arts Amphitheater Project, 2008.

  • We’ve established educational outreach programs for the community including School Day Nutcracker Performances, Peter & The Wolf, The Ugly Duckling Residency, and most recently, Gwendolyn the Pig.

  • For over 30 years, we’ve fostered an environment where young people learn and gain an appreciation for the arts!