Level 5 Dancer in Arabesque

PRB is segmented into two ballet training programs: The Children’s Division and the Pre-Professional Division. The Children’s Division is primarily focused on children 3-8. It is within this program that the fundamentals of dance are instilled. The Pre-Professional Division is for those students, generally 8-18, who desire the preparation and training that can lead to college and career pathways in dance.

Male dancer at barre

The young men of PRB have an opportunity to take part in our boys program. This separate class series meets September through May each year. Boys dance tuition-free at PRB.

The PRB jazz program begins with basic isolations and explores the dancer’s unique expression of movement in a safe environment. The dancer will learn the basics of jazz such as jazz walks, runs, pivot turns, lindy ball change as well as jazz pas de bourree and pirouettes in a positive, encouraging and fun classroom setting.

Tap at PRB focuses on rhythm and musicality from the start. The dancers learn basic tap steps by utilizing center, tap squares and across the floor exercises, building each year on the terminology and skills from the previous year. Dancers will learn taps, flaps, and ball changes and shuffles that will lead into Irish's, Buffalos, and basic time steps; all with a stylistic focus and positive atmosphere.

Modern dance at PRB focuses primarily on the Horton technique, specifically, strengthening through linear movement, ultimately giving the dancers the power and ability to embody any genre of dance. Some time is also spent on the Graham technique including the concepts of contraction, release and spirals as well as the Limón technique in which we explore shifting weight. Improvisation and minimal partnering are sometimes utilized.

We offer specialty classes for dancers interested in musical theatre, pilates and adult ballet for dancers 18+. Use the links on the left to explore all of our programs.