Pennsylvania Regional Ballet is committed to sharing the arts with students everywhere. Introduce your students to the art of dance through our Educational Dance Programs.

They will be treated to a first-class performance with narration to fully understand the story being told in front of them. In addition, PRB provides supplemental teaching materials for teachers to use for continuing lessons.

Allegra as Clara in Nutcracker


9:30 AM – Full length performance
12:00 Noon – Modified performance

Bring your class to enjoy this timeless holiday classic in educational performances by members of Pennsylvania Regional Ballet. Watch the magic unfold as Clara enters a dreamland where she encounters an enchanted land of treats – and a war between mice and soldiers.

An educational packet will be sent approximately 2 weeks prior to the performance and included in cost.



PRB is excited to partner with David Rottenberg, the author of Gwendolyn the Graceful Pig, to bring this charming story to elementary schools. Mr. Rottenberg tells the story while the Pennsylvania Regional Ballet dancers bring the story to life!

This is a story of acceptance and perseverance with plenty of comedic moments. Children have the opportunity to meet a real author and see classical ballet....many children for the first time ever. The assembly is free to the schools and the students have the opportunity to purchase Mr. Rottenberg’s book which he signs personally to each child.



R.A.I.S.E (Refined Arts Inspire Successful Education), is an educational arts program of Pennsylvania Regional Ballet, an organization with a mission to “Provide a center for professional training, guidance and education in classical ballet to its students, the community and the Central Pennsylvania region”. R.A.I.S.E. engages 5th-graders through instruction of dance, music, choreography, and uses movement as a tool to instill in children discipline, commitment, teamwork and self-confidence.

Students participate once a week in a 12-week residency that culminates with a final performance. Two instructors and a classically trained pianist work with students in an environment th at encourages positivity and creative thinking, which in turn helps develop students’ self-esteem. While working with each child artistically, physically and mentally, students gain an understanding that hard work, discipline and commitment can lead to future successes beyond the classroom.

The curriculum for R.A.I.S.E. is based on ballet’s seven movements of dancing, plié: to bend, etendre: to stretch, relevé: to rise, glissé: to glide, sauté: to jump, elance: to dart, and tourne: to turn. Exposing students to the foundations of classical ballet, students attain posture, coordination, musicality, creativity and energy.

R.A.I.S.E. aligns with the Pennsylvania State Learning Standards and Core Curriculum to further develop and enhance students’ education.

For more information on bringing R.A.I.S.E. to your school contact Pennsylvania Regional Ballet at 717-732-2172 or


Here’s what South Side Elementary (Central Dauphin School District) says about R.A.I.S.E.

I want to thank you again for bringing RAISE to South Side.

A few days ago, during a rehearsal for 5th Grade Honors Chorus, I was demonstrating how to sing a legato phrase to my students. Before I could label it, they immediately told me it was Legato… and started doing hand motions. I looked at them and said, “RAISE???” to which they replied, “YUP!” WOW! Just WOW! AMAZING!

In addition to that, I’m doing a folk dance unit (teaching FORM in music) to grades 4 & 5. I always give the students alternate ways to hold hands (fist to fist), hook elbows, etc. More and more of the students are willing to actually hold hands. They are becoming much more comfortable with movement, with each other, and with their own bodies. This is amazing!

One last thing… South Side’s students were some of the most poised on the risers during Honors Chorus rehearsal yesterday. I attribute this to RAISE.

— Mr. Mark C. Shelleman Vocal Classroom Music Teacher, South Side Elementary – President, Dauphin County Music Educators’ Association